Spring Harvest  Premium Osmanthus - Gold Flake


These Premium Osmanthus - Gold Flake is made of Top Quality dried  Osanthus flowers. Its fragrance just burst out the moment you open the seal bag. Once the hot water pours into the cups, the house is filled with a wonderful osmanthus fragrance.


Even a small sip of this gold fale would definitely cheer you up and help easing the stress! It contains no caffeine which will not affect sleeping.


It can be serves alone as tea or you can simply include it into recipe of many kinds of dessert ! It goes especially well when mixing into a Jelly~



Spring Harvest Premium Osmanthus - Gold Flake

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  • Origin: China


    Date of Pick: 2021 Spring


    Caffeine: Nil

  • Teacup: 8.8oz / 500ml


    Temperature: 194°F / 90°C


    Quantity: 1 tea ball (8-10g)


    BrewingTime: 1 - 3 mins