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Woodfired Silver Lid Charcoal Teapot


Carefully crafted using high-quality clay, this teapot undergoes a meticulous woodfiring process to create a truly exceptional piece. The woodfiring technique infuses the clay with rich, earthy tones and adds subtle variations in texture, making each teapot a unique work of art. Highfired at 1300 deg. Cel.


The teapot's silver lid adds a touch of sophistication and complements the natural beauty of the woodfired clay. It fits snugly, ensuring a secure closure that keeps your tea warm and aromatic for an extended period.


Indulge in the luxury of woodfired ceramics and experience the timeless appeal of the Woodfired Silver Lid Charcoal Teapot. Add it to your collection or gift it to someone special who appreciates the art of tea. Elevate your tea time with this exceptional clay pot and savor every sip of your favorite brew.



Height: 5.5 cm
Diameter: 8 cm

Length: 12 cm
Volume: holds 150 ml (120 ml if 80% Filled)


Teas to Match : Light / Heavy roasted Oolongs , Raw & Ripe Puerh , Aged & Fresh White & Black Teas.



Woodfired Silver Lid Charcoal Teapot

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