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Handmade by a younger potter Qu Jinkai from Yixing, China. This Tree Vine shape Yixing teapot is fully handmade using original mine clay. Hongni (Red clay) is a type of Zisha (紫砂)Clay in Yixing, and it is known for its outstanding performance in creating teapots. The original mine is located at Zhaozhuang. The Zhaozhuang hongni (赵庄小红泥) teapot makes the taste of tea becomes soft, smooth and the flavor is very long lasting.


The red clay is located at the bottom of a clay mine. So it is very scarce. The high pressure also makes it very hard. It is also known as hongni or zhuni (in Chinese). It probably is the most sought-after of all clay type. The raw clay materials is orangy yellow. After firing, it can have various shades of red and purple, depending on the level of iron it contains.

Qu Jinkai was born in a Yixing potter family, his mother is a master of Zisha teapot at the national level. Inspired by his family, Qu Jinkai is dedicated to creating the most refined Yixing teapot with only original mine clay. All his artwork has his personal seal on the button of the teapot.


Yixing Hongni Clay (Red Clay) Teapot (Ruding):

Diameter: 13 cm

Height: 6 cm

Volume: 150 ml



Yixing Hongni Clay (Red Clay) Tree Vine Teapot

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