Yunnan Jianshui Purple Cloud Teapot


This Yunnan Jianshui Purple Cloud Teapot is made from 100% Yunnan Jianshui Purple clay. It is named Purple Cloud Teapot as we can see batches of subtle purple colors at different angle and pattern for each pot is unique.


Jianshui Purple Clay Pottery is one of the Four Famous Potteries in China. Yunnan Jianshui Purple Clay is different from Yixing Purple Clay. The difference is as below:


1. Yixing Purple Clay is a stone sand material with a shrinkage rate of less than 10% and Yunnan Jianshui purple pottery is a clay material with a shrinkage rate of 20% and good viscosity. 


2. The polishing process is different. Yixing purple clay pots do not need to be polished; Yunnan Jianshui purple pottery is unglazed and polished.


Material: Yunnan Jianshui Purple Clay
Height: 9.5 cm
Diameter:  8 cm
Volume: holds 225 ml ( ~180 ml when 80 % filled )


Yunnan Jianshui Purple Cloud Teapot

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