Aviary Teacups​​​​​​


These Aviary Teacups are made with jade clay with crakles and fired at 1320 degree Celcius.


It comes in 4 patterns which you can enjoy the birds chirping while having tea!! The small volumn is perfect for tea carries intense fragrance , such as oologs and raw puerhs.


As these pieces are all handmade, each may vary slightly in terms of  pattern, size and dimensions.



Material: Jade Clay
Height: 6 cm

Diameter: 5.5 cm

Volume: hold 40 ml ( ~35 ml when 80% filled)


Teas to Match : Light / Heavy roasted Oolongs , Raw & Ripe Puerh , Aged & Fresh White & Black Teas.

Aviary Teacups

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