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Flame Cloud Pavilion Teacup


This Wood Fired Flame Cloud Pavilion Teacup is produced by a local studio in Jingdezhen named When Tea. features colorful glaze resulted  from dramatic kiln changes.  Flame like cloud sea is created by the magical fire at 1180 degree Celsius.


Various clays and glazes are used to form the cup body before wood fired in the kiln for days. The results of pattern and colors on the cups depend on many factors, including clay composition, firing duration, temperature type of wood & kiln being used even location of cups in the kiln. All these factors contribute to the uniqueness of each cup resulted.


After wood firing, artist will choose those cups without defect and use the kiln changed cups as canvas and draw the scene which suit the pattern most. Each piece is hand painted in fine detail. The piece is fired for a second time in order to seal the artwork in glaze. 


Each pieces is fully handmade, there will be slight variation in terms of glaze pattern, painting detail, shape & size.

Height: 6 cm

Diameter: 6.5 cm

Volume: hold 80 ml (65ml when 80% filled)


Flame Cloud Pavilion Teacup

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