Yixing Original Zisha Ore Collection Bottle


These Yixing Original Zisha Ore Collection Bottles contain different types of Yixing Original Zisha Ore. It gives us a glimpse into the orginal clay of our beloved yixing tea pots. 


For more information about the Yixing Clay , please visit Classification of Yixing Clays 


It has 10 Clay types available :

-Purple Clay

-Zhu Clay

-Dahongpao Clay

-Green Clay

-Base Clay

-Fault Clay (Duan Ni)

-Grey Fault Clay

-Clear Water Clay

-Black Gold Sand

-Dragon Blood Sand

Height : 6.5 cm
Diameter : 5.5 cm

Weight of Ore : ~ 200-250 g 


Zisha (‘purple sand’) describes the reddish-brown color of the sedimentary soil which settled in ancient lakes and is now buried deep underground. The clay is compressed under heavy sedimentary rock formations throughout the Yixing region, southwest of Shanghai, in China’s Jiangsu province. Huanglong Mountain near Dingshu township has been the source of high quality purple clay ore for centuries. The mountain itself is rather ordinary – neither grand or pretty – but it is 350 million years old.These teapots are prized because their unglazed surfaces absorb traces of the beverage and develop a patina, which enhances the taste, color and aroma of fine tea.

Yixing Original Zisha Ore Collection Bottle

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