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Kawasan Falls Teacup


This teacup features the beautiful Kawasan Falls.This cups is more than simply a vessel for tea; they is a combination and display of artist's hardwork and inspiration.


Various clays and glazes are used to form the cup, the cups as if the canvas for the artist and painted with great energy created by the swirls of his brush. The the cup is placed in a tradtional stone kiln and wood fired at around 1200 degree Celcius. The glaze transmutation in firing is associated with their specific craftsmanship. Special mineral materials of different colors are used in the making, containing multiple trace elements. In fact, lots of factors can influence the color change in firing porcelain products, for example different textures and shapes of wares and thickness of glaze. Very tiny changes in the production process can affect the final color. Even a ware's position in a kiln during firing, the density of wares in the kiln, and fuel used all play their parts in creating the porcelain's unique colors. 


These makes each of this art piece unique and one of a kind for your own collection.



Diameter: 8.5 cm
Height: 4.5 cm
Volume: hold 80 ml

Kawasan Falls Teacup

SKU: TWC1004
$16.00 Regular Price
$14.40Sale Price

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